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What is Blackhole? | NASA

 What is Blackhole, where is it, and how did it form

According to NASA, the world’s first black hole was found in 1964 in the constellation of Cygnus, a swan within the galaxy named Cygnus X-1, several NASA studies suggest that there are about 10 million to one billion back holes in our galaxy. Which are formed with the death of giant stars. Only stars with a mass greater than 3  solar masses are believed to become black holes at the end of their lives, which exert a strong gravitation force at the time of their collapse and allow nothing to escape.

What is Blackhole?

 A black hole is a place in space where gravity is so great that even light cannot escape from there. Here gravity is so effective that it squeezes any substance into a small space. such a situation arises when a star is dying. Because no kind of light can get out from there, and therefore people can not see the black hole.

That is, what is a black hole, it is a place in space where gravity is so strong that even light can not escape from it after reaching there. Its gravity is so strong that a substance or matter has been squeezed or squeezed in a small space. This can happen when a star  is dying

How does it form?

Most black holes form from the remains of a massive star that dies in a supernova explosion. small stars become dense neutron stars, which are not large enough to blick light.

What is Inside the black hole

when a huge star reaches its end, it starts shrinking within itself. Slowly it becomes a huge black hole and starts absorbing everything in itself. its gravitation field is very strong. Nothing can escape its pull. Even the light cannot come out after entering here. It absorbs all the light falling on it. inside a black hole, it is infinitely curved up to the center. Coming here, time and space both lose their meaning and no law works for physics. No one knows what will happen when we get here. maybe another universe will come or now worlds will be found, this too remains a mystery
The thing to be noted is that not every star becomes a black hole, it only happens with big stars those stars are much bigger than the sun in size and the size of a black hole formed from it is so big that it contains millions of stars. take the sun

how black holes have formed a theory:

Basically, if an object is reduced to its Schwarz child radius or compressed then it will be converted into a black hole, it can be  a star or anybody mathematically child radius R= 2mg/c2 now you can imagine how small any object will have to be reduced because once there is C
1. Stellar black holes
2. Supermassive black holes
3. miniature black hole.
Who gave the theory of black holes?
who gave the theory of black hole? The answer is that in 1783, a philosopher named John Michell first conceived of what a black hole is, he observed that when a light emanates from a star, it escapes gravity.

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