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Turner Hiring for Freshers | Intern | Apply Now

Engineering Assistant / Field Engineer – USA

• Assist in obtaining and reviewing information and approvals for processing of shop drawings, product data and samples. Assist in the communication of this information across all levels of the project team.
• Assist in managing other aspects of communication including submission and responses for Requests for Information (RFI’s).
• Assist in preparing estimates for changes in the work including review of Change Order requests from subcontractors.
• Study contract drawings, specifications and shop drawings to ensure proper coordination and installation.
• Assist in the maintenance and updating of contract documents, electronic web-based documents and project logs.
• Distribute information required for construction to appropriate parties.
• Assist engineering to ensure that materials and equipment are released for fabrication or manufacture in time to meet the construction schedule.
• Assist in the preparation of final records for the project including close-out documents, Operations/Maintenance (OM) Manuals, etc.
• If assigned to another Business Unit department, will perform the requisite duties and responsibilities.

Field Engineer

• Perform line and grade work for building layout and control as required.
• Assist in the implementation of the site safety program as required and ensure subcontractor compliance with Turner safety standards and all applicable safety codes and regulations.
• Assist in the maintenance of contract documents and electronic web-based documents for field operations.
• Assist in the preparation of Daily Construction Reports (DCR’s).
• Review all work as it is being placed to be sure it is accurate within accepted tolerances.
• Review contract drawings, specifications and shop drawings to ensure proper coordination and installation.
• Assist in the preparation of project as-builts.
• Perform other duties as may be assigned.


Two years of college education from accredited degree program in Engineering, Construction or relevant education. Building construction, engineering, or equivalent experience preferred. Knowledge of general contract, subcontract documents, drawings and specifications also desirable. Must have good interpersonal and teamwork skills, desire to learn, ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing. Should be proficient with computer applications as required to perform responsibilities. A basic understanding of scheduling programs preferred

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