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How to increase website traffic

 How to increase website traffic is a severe issue. you may also have the same query right? so if you are also facing the same problem, don’t waste your energy on quick hacks. Here we will guide you with practical ways to keep reading and increase your website traffic organically. This guide is best for you to increase your website traffic and earn passive income.

Best ways to increase traffic to your website


SEO is the practice of optimizing a site for search engines. so it can be more visible in search results for relevant queries. An SEO strategy is a whole animal, but here are the SEO basics.

Target Keywords…

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines, and as you can imagine, some keywords get searched more than others. Using Keyword research tools, you can see, for example, that the keyword “increase website engagement” only gets about 10 searches per month while how to increase website traffic gets 400 searches.

Long-tail keywords

So the higher the search volume, the higher the traffic potential, right? Not so fast. Many super-high volume keywords are also super-broad and super-hand to rank.

long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are easier to rank for and will bring in the most relevant traffic to your site.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posting for other websites is an effective way to generate backlinks, boost referral links and increase search engine results page ranking. 

Use keywords & Category

While preparing the post, use keywords, and categories in the post, this will make it easier for visitors to find the post and can stay on your site for a longer time.

Write Good Quality content post

The content post of your blog should be of good quality. To increase traffic on the blog, write a daily high-quality content post.

Get million traffic using Social Media

If you want traffic, go to the places online where your target audience hangs out and shares content. Social media can also help you build brand recognition as well as a community.

Research your competitor’s social  strategy

A great tactic for improving the traffic you get from social,m media is to spy on your competitors. SEE what they are doing that is working, and then try and replicate it.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms and can be a great way to generate traffic.

Youtube did you know youtube is the second largest search engine after Google

when used correctly, youtube can be an amazing source of traffic. people watch 1 billion hours of youtube per day, so just getting a small percentage of those views can be a game-changer.

Use fast loading Template

Always remember that your blog should be open fast, if your blog opens in more than 3 to 5 seconds then users can ignore your blog.

So if you want more users to come to your blog, then always make your site open fast. Use a good and fast template for this.

Comment on another blog

Whenever you are free, then comment on their posts on other blogs and add the URL of your blog in the comment so that any user can come to your blog. Always reply and help the users of your blog by replying to their comments.

By doing this, the users will want to tell their friends. about your blog, which will increase traffic to your blog. a comment is necessary for the blog.

I hope you can increase traffic to your blog by following this post. If you want to keep getting such information in the future also, then you can subscribe to our blog.

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