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Career in Space science

 A career in Space science:

Due to advanced technology, today it has become easy to reach from the ground to the sky. Due to this new career options are opening for the youth here. If you are also interested in the mystery of the universe and want to solve it, then you can make a great career in space science. India’s space program is now very developed. This is the reason that the doors of foreign space science in the country have been opened for the young scientists of the country. There is no shortage of jobs in this field today, but knowledge is needed.

yes, you can make a good career in space science. Yes, this is not an impossible task. Today many people want to know space science closely. Along with the information, they are also looking for employment opportunities in it. Some people also know it by the name of astronomy. There are many similarities between these two fields. Let me know to about it in detail.

What is a space science & career option?

First of all, know what is space science. In this, the movement of the atmosphere, planets, stars, solar system, and earth relevant knowledge is acquired. Did a lot of research on them so that the public can get accurate information.  The universe is studied closely. today’s lot of young people are taking interest in this field and there is a lot of 5of interest in NASA.

Now space science has expanded a lot. this to get ito field, courses in Astronomy and astrophysics, Earth science, Primordial atmosphere, and are not and solar system can be done. Space science is divided into several sub-branches. These mainly include cosmology, planetary science, Astronomy stellar science, Astrology, etc. These are all those branches of science and engineering, which are useful for space science. Students can make their career choosing any of these previous eyes.

How to  make a career in space science:

If you want to make a career in space science, then you should start preparing for it from the 10th onwards. After the 10th, you should choose science and mathematics as your main subject. After the  12th class, you take admitted to a good engineering college or IITs, There you can proceed by choosing subjects like physics, chemistry, electronics, and computer science.


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