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Best Blogging Niches to Make Money


Hello, friends today I m gonna tell you for which you were waiting for too long.

whenever I check my message box on instagram, everytime people ask me questions about Blogging. Specially the beginners cause they are new on this, that creates ample of questions in their mind.

So, I ‘ll try my best to give more and more information about Blogging through this….

To create a successful blog you should find such a niche on which you  can write content well and people also search those topics on the internet. If you find such a topic then your first step to create a blog is done succesfully.

HOW to earn MONEY by making BLOG ?

To create a blog. you need some experience that you can have only  by giving time to blogging.

After practicing it deligently you can access all the functions in more easy way..

But. all the newbie blogger mostly face problems about finding a suiable niche. I am writing this article just for that. Here you can easily monetiee all that i have told touabout blog niche with google adsente and affilate marketing.

So, let us know in a little detail about all this Blog niche:

Here are 15 BEST niche/topic ideas   for beginner to start blogging without any queries and confusion:


 If you create a news site then you can get very good traffic there but if you publish news like other news sites then your blog may not get traffic. Because there is already a very big news site in which you can cover the news of some districts around you, when your blog becomes the authority after that you can work on bigger level as well.


 Many people have lost their jobs due to the arrival of epidemic so all those people search for jobs for themselves on the internet. So, if you have a job site then it will get it in a very short time. You will also go a long way give good results. But for this it will always have to be updated then immediately. You have to write an article about the that job on your site.


This is a type of blog where you acan earn money by writing reviews of products listed on sites like Amazon or Flipkart and selling them.

And if you work for Amazon India, then you get a litte less commission there and at the same time you’ll get to see a little competition here.

It is better that you can sell products by creating a micro niche site. People in foreign countries prefer to shop online.

4. Photography blog

 I am simply talkng about starting a photography blog.

starting a photography blog can be very lucrative  if you are good at sizing moments through yourv digital camera.

you can monotise your blog by creating products like E-BOOKS,online courses) teaching people photography.

5. Food blog

Food blog are  very  easy to start and also involes running a youtube channel beside the blog.That is because you can only show your credibility through videoes.

you don’t just narrate how to make a particular food for me or give me the list of recipes; you need to show me how to.


Technology moves fast, sometimes almost too fast. Everyone needs a helping hand, every  once in a while with technological issues, so if you are knowledegable about this fiels and cam provide  helpful guidance  to those how need solutions then for you this is the best niche for blogging.


One of the best ways to monotize an educaton blog is to render services and sell products. you can position yourself as a project writing expert.

Government Scheme

The government keeps on bring new schemes all the time for the needy people. Plus point of government scheme with the advent of new schemes every time, you  always get fresh and  new content of your blog post.

In this niche you need to understand a little how the  government scheme works, for what it is and  when you understand this then you have no shortage of content in this niche..

Trip review

A lot of people want to know which destination are worth  their time and they might find a  nicely maintained trip review blog entertaining and appealing.


As I told you that talking interviews of top people in your niche or industry, celebrating may change your life forever,now some benefits of talking interviews.

(i) If you take interviews, this will help you in networking with those people and help to build quality contacts.

(ii) you will learn the insight of those people.

(iii) your communication gets stronger.

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